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What's is a no code platform that allows you to build your own site in minutes. Create a beautiful bio page for you to share online, along with a microblog so you can share quick updates or thoughts.

Show off your work

Add your personal projects, portfolio and accomplishments to your bio. Share it as a resume or portfolio.

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How does it work?

Setting up your home on the internet is very straight forward. No need to learn to code or mess with complex templates.

Simple process

  1. ✔ Claim your
  2. ✔ Fill out your information
  3. ✔ Post something
  4. ✔ Publish a project
  5. ✔ Gain followers

Send your new posts and projects directly to your subscribers. No need for a separate email newsletter tool. It's all in here.

Features is an all-in one, no code tool that gives you everything you need to set up your site, publish your work, gain and update your subscribers.

  1. ✔ Personal site
  2. ✔ About / CV
  3. ✔ Micro blog
  4. ✔ Portfolio & projects
  5. ✔ Subscribers
  6. ✔ Analytics
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What's the pricing? 💰

Setting up your is free. You get a personal page, a microblog and subscriber features at no cost. Unlock analytics, projects and advanced customization for only $9/month.

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  2. ✔ Less than a Starbucks coffee
  3. ✔ We don't serve ads
  4. ✔ We don't own or sell your content
  5. ✔ No hate or spam
  6. ✔ All you need in one platform



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Everything in free plus:



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Who built this? is currently being built by @andresmax
and the team at @ideawareco.

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I'm Max, the founder.

I built because I got tired of looking for the right balance in a platform for creating a simple site which allowed me to post quick updates and posts.

Most platforms seem to complex, pricey and just a hassle to mantain. So was born. An easy to use, no-code platform so you can share with the world who you are.

Here are a few ways you can use your

  1. ✔ As your main online presence
  2. ✔ Your link in bio
  3. ✔ Microblog with subscribers
  4. ✔ Grow a following with content you own
  5. ✔ Your resume
  6. ✔ Your portfolio
  7. ✔ A personal journal

Hope you enjoy using it, how simple it is and please consider supporting us by becoming a supporter for onle $9/month.